My writing portfolio to date is listed below by category.

For my own personal blog and further posts on gaming and technology please visit Cats and Gadgets.

Gaming and Technology

Interview: Aubrey Ashburn, Soundtrack Artist (Gaming Angels) 18 July 2010
Event Report (co-author): Gaming Angels visits the Mana Bar (Gaming Angels – external link) 28 March 2010

Game Review: Heavy Rain (Cats and Gadgets – external link) 11 July 2010
Game Review: Sam and Max The Devil’s Playground – Episode 1 The Penal Zone (Gaming Angels) 14 June 2010
Game Review: Royal Envoy – Collectors Edition (Gaming Angels) 13 May 2010
Game Preview: Lords of Evil (Gaming Angels) 1 April 2010
Game Preview: Dark Void (Gaming Angels) 10 February 2010

News Article: Brisbane’s GenConOz Cancelled (Gaming Angels) 17 July 2010
News Article: PSP Go Games Giveaway (Gaming Angels) 3 June 2010
News Article: Australian Songs for Singstar (Gaming Angels) 2 June 2010
News Article: Behind the Scenes Transformers Video (Gaming Angels) 15 May 2010
News Article: Gods v Humans announced for Wii (Gaming Angels) 15 May 2010

Entertainment and Culture
Opinion Piece: Is Kick Ass Too Violent? (Gaming Angels) 25 April 2010
DVD Review: Ben 10: Gwen Special Edition Vol 1 (Gaming Angels) 16 May 2010
Feature: Degrees Apart (unpublished) 12 May 2010

Flash Fiction: Pursuit
Flash Fiction: Monsoon
Flash Fiction: Wishing His Life Away
Flash Fiction: Mr Yummy
Flash Fiction: Running
Poetry: The Beach

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