Mr Yummy

The man grumbled at the female bus driver, asserting his right to park in the bus stop, all the while writing the prices onto the blackboards.

Gaunt and hunched over, life had obviously not been kind to the man and he was sick of being pushed around. The profession seemed a strange match for the gruff near-pensioner. ‘Mr Yummy’ his van read.

Sure enough, as soon as the advertising boards were up and his serving window open the business started streaming in.

A goth in a black trench coat extinguished his cigarette and exchanged it for a chocolate covered ice cream.

Two bespectacled hipster girls in librarian skirts and brogues.

Parents with young children and serious-looking adults – the Ice Cream Man blasted a warbly Greensleeves and the people flocked for their ice cream.

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