Wishing His Life Away

This is the happiest I am all day,she thought as she lowered the sleeping baby into the cot. I’m wishing his life away.

A pang of sadness hit her and she walked back to her own bed. It was 9pm – too late to start anything, she’d be up again with him in a few hours’ time.

I remember when I used to do what I wanted. I can’t even remember what it was I spent my time on back then. Wasted time. Probably in front of the TV. No idea.

She wanted to cry but there were no tears. Just a constant state of misery. A cloud.

How are you? Oh I’m fine! No I’m not. I’m not fine. I’m faking everything. Even the smiles I give my baby are forced.

Another sigh escaped her mouth. She sighed so much these days. One more thing she hated about this person that she’d evolved into.

She turned off the lamp and waited to be summoned by the cries.

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