Finding Creativity Requires Unplugging

Twice in as many days I have read motivating pieces on the importance of switching off as part of the creative process.

I am an information vacuum. If I am interested in something I must research it to the point that I lose all confidence in my ability to contribute – everyone else out there is either more knowledgeable or more creative than I am.

Author Nike Sulway talks about the value in doing nothing. To shut off from the world, be still, even neglect your writing until you can’t take it anymore and have to write.

That’s one way to silence the voices that so many creatives hear saying you’re not good enough and reminding you of all the rules you have to follow for success.

I don’t know about you, but success to me is writing something I can be proud of (yes I am in the naive early stages of being unpublished).

It is pretty hard to be creative sometimes when you are busy being concerned with absorbing information. There is a lot to be said for gleaning tips from those who have paved the way before us, but how are you going to come up with your own ideas when you are filling your head with everyone elses?

Writer Belinda Weaver has incorporated an inspiration day, once a month. This is a day for visiting the art gallery, observing a new neighbourhood, perhaps attending a lecture. It is a day for absorbing and listening to that other little voice inside, the one with the ideas and for switching off all other input.

Of course here I am serving up advice, contributing to the noise. I’m going to schedule in an inspiration day. You should too.

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