Australian Politics is a Joke

My sole source of news lately has been a five-minute current affairs satire on the ABC called The Roast. It is blatantly left-wing in its opinions and so with the LNP now running the country, The Roast has plenty of material to work with.

The problem is, while the tongue-in-cheek updates on how our government is sending our country back 60 years are hilarious, I can’t help but exhale a disappointed moan at the end of the program every single night.

It’s all fun and games until you realise Australia is actually denying climate change exists; refusing the human rights of refugees; blocking and ignoring gay marriage rights; reducing the representation of women in government; and rescinding communications infrastructure development.

It’s enough to make me go and protest. Better yet, run for government myself. But can you imagine working with those people? Moan.

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