Everyone’s Leaving Facebook

It is a recurring story these days: people giving up Facebook. People talking about it, people actually doing it, people never joining in the first place. I’m always interested to read people’s personal accounts as it is something I have considered for a while now.

My husband checks his Facebook account once every few months which I struggled to comprehend at first and now that I do, am not sure why he doesn’t just delete it completely.

There are things on Facebook that annoy me: the ads; the carefully worded statuses; the staged photos; the check-ins. All those things that get mentioned in those stories. Things I am guilty of myself. Yep, even the ads – I used to put those ads on Facebook for a living.

I’m tired of the game. I want to leave behind all those likes from people I never talk to in real life, and retreat into my corner of the world with the people who actually like me, and do the things I enjoy without having to prove it via status update or image upload.

Now that I have very little face-to-face contact with people I have become good at using my phone. I hate making phone calls, I would rather send a text message and set up a catch-up but I have come to appreciate the importance of the more personal style of communication that the phone offers. There is something about it that says, I am thinking about you right now and wanted you to know.

I spend more time looking at the Facebook pages of businesses and community organisations than real people on there.

And after I stopped posting photos of my son the excuse of using it for keeping in touch with close family and friends quickly disappeared.

I am scared however to delete my Facebook account, because of the thing I will lose: the community I have there. I am a member of a few groups of people who are spread out all over the world. Writers, introverts, parents – people who I have so much in common with and would normally struggle to find in my own city let alone be able to open up to in physical setting. On Facebook we can just log on and spill our guts to each other.

So for now Facebook, you stay.

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