Another Writing-With-Kids Tip

When I went back to work part-time I found a little more time to write thanks to the 40 minute bus trip each way. I took up freewriting.

My days at home with a 12-22 month old were still exhausting and he required my constant attention and entertainment. I did write before bed on occasion but it ate into time with my husband that I was reluctant to give up. And my sleep. I don’t function well on reduced sleep.

As he approached his second birthday my son increased the amount he can entertain himself for. It took me a few weeks to see this opportunity but I have now leapt on it.

Mr-Almost-Two loves the backyard. So I’ve set myself up a cosy little corner under the tree with a full view of the backyard and rear of the house. It’s just a plastic chair next to his sandpit but it allows me to drink tea, scribble in my notebook , stick a spade in the sand, be on hand to give out cuddles and break up the toddler-cat wrestling matches.

I’ve stopped carrying my phone around with me and instead have my moleskine and pen tucked in my back pocket (pants with large pockets are a must). I don’t use a fancy pen or my favourite mug because I know there is a chance they will end up in the sandpit. You will often see me standing to write as my son tries to ‘water’ me.

I could say it’s too difficult. But it’s a lot easier than when you have a four month old.

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