Fight the Urge

I had a nice little moment yesterday. I was ‘playing’ with my two year old in the back yard – and by that I mean he was playing and I was supervising – when I sat down next to him at the dirt pile and started digging with one of his excavators. I think we would have been there for about 15 minutes before I realised what I nice time I was having. It’s not often we get to actually play together; he’s still at the age where he wants constant interaction. But I sat there doing my own thing, digging down through the earth and piling it up next to me. Feeling the late afternoon breeze on my skin. The trees gently rustling and birds singing above us. And the smell! It had only rained the night before so the scent was incredibly rich. I looked over at my son and saw the intense concentration on his face. He looked up at me, smiled, and went back to what he was doing. It was a perfect moment in time.

And you know what I thought? I should get the camera.

No way, I was going to enjoy this one. But I wrestled with the thought. I found myself hoping my husband would see us out the window and have the same thought, but he never came. It took a huge amount of self control but I forced myself to forget about the picturesque scene and actually feel it. This one’s for the memory bank.

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