Hooray for Science


I wouldn’t say I am an optimist. Rather than a pessimist, I believe I have a healthy case of ‘realism’. I am an analyst. I weigh up the possible outcomes of the situation, based on the resources at hand. Actually I’m pretty good at determining possible outcomes. Cue anxiety. But let’s get onto that later.

As I said in my previous post, humans can be jerks sometimes. And it can be pretty damn hard to be optimistic about the human race when all we hear about is the pain we are inflicting upon each other (and ourselves). There is one thing that is 100% guaranteed to bring out the optimist in me: science news.

Isn’t it strange how such a destructive race can also be so hell-bent on innovation? From improving our tools to building ones to do the work for us and prolonging our lives and quality of life through medicine and of course my personal favourite: entertainment.

Right now I am desperate for good news from the science world.

I love space. To me it is the achievable fairy tale. While I know wizards and dragons, exciting as they may be will never be a part of my life, dreaming about exploring the galaxy is something I love to do because it could actually happen! Ok so in my lifetime I would be more likely to be part of the first groups of humans testing the feasibility of long-term space travel in order to take steps to establish settlement on an arid, harsh land with generations between me and the fantastic neon visions of Total Recall.

So images from space? Keep them coming.

It is no secret that I am a generally sick person. I have epilepsy, chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, some kind of a digestion problem that is treated with a low-FODMAP diet. And I get colds and flus regularly as a result of my weakened immune system.

So the promise of the advancement of medical treatment and general quality of life thanks to research and new technologies is obviously to my advantage. In particular, the Bionics Institute who are helping deaf and blind people are working on a great leap forward in epilepsy treatment which could personally mean a lot to me.

Science is cool, kids. Science is worth living for. It brings hope to so many people and has been the reason why we have continued to thrive despite our destructive urges.


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