The Dark Side of Humanity

Photo Credit: – Komodor -, Creative Commons
Photo Credit: – Komodor -, Creative Commons

In recent times the human race has shown itself to be a pretty dark bunch. I have actually stopped listening to the ABC radio news because in the last two months I have rarely heard a bulletin that isn’t entirely comprised of stories of people killing, attacking or torturing people – or governments and corporations actively taking steps to destroy the environment and kill animals for gain.

I know these things have been happening for the entire lifespan of the human race but these days everything seems to have a justification for its ghastly actions. Survival is not enough. And while reporting on these events is incredibly important, the constant confirmation that

people just suck

is enough to make me want to switch off all communication devices and never again have contact with the outside world. Sometimes I do that for a few days at a time.

Lately I have wondered if we would be better off just letting ourselves wipe each other out because that’s what we really want to do anyway.

But there’s something else about humanity that gives me hope, that keeps me wanting to be alive not only for the sake of my own survival (and for those I love) but to see what happens – to see the potential. And that reason is science.

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