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Globe cameraI have had a number of science articles published lately and it has been awesome.

These stories have all been for a technology website and would therefore be more accurately categorised as innovation or R&D with a commercial application but nonetheless, I have been researching and writing about space, bionics, biofuels (and I’m working on another exciting topic at the moment).

This has been an unexpected change in direction for me, something that I would have not predicted when I first started planning my journalism career.

I didn’t study science past high school. I took biology and environmental science as senior high school subjects but more out of interest than ability. But I have always been curious about science. I’ve loved the stars since I was little and was more interested in bugs and creepy-crawlies than scared of them. I was fascinated to learn about the ongoing chain of interaction between the weather, the ground and water systems (I even thought organic farming was fascinating for a while there). And now I’ve moved onto technology – computers and power sources and means of communication – it’s all still science though.

I absorb science news like some people study the sports or celebrity news. I’m a self-taught scientist. I’m a citizen scientist. If I could be anything else I probably would become a research scientist, I’m sure I would have a ball.

Parenting and lifestyle has been a good start to my writing career, and has come easily to me. Technology and gaming has proven a little harder to enter and has been a challenge – in a good way. But this new area of citizen-level science has me dancing in my seat with excitement. It feels good.

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