My Journalist Manifesto

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Journalists don’t have the best reputation. They have regularly made it onto the list of least trusted professions. Scandals like phone hacking, media bias, inconsiderate requests of interview subjects and sexist cultures within top publications have given the entire industry an identity problem.

And yet I’m proud to tell people what I do for a living. I’m inspired by my colleagues who are finding holes in systems and raising public awareness. I am moved by stories of achievement, despair, strength, loneliness, passion and the promise of what the future might hold. And I believe public education through the media is important.

I write because I am curious about things, and I cannot be satisfied with not knowing. I write because I am passionate about things and I cannot stay silent while others carry on, unaware of their existence. I write because I am passionate about helping others get their voices heard and I want to use my strengths to assist them.

I write because I want to contribute to society.

And in doing so I am discovering my own views on things and learning a hell of a lot – about the world and about myself. You’ll probably notice that as you read through my posts and articles, and watch my views change. Good. I want to change. I want to evolve.

I have some simple rules for writing.

  1. I believe in representing and doing my best to investigate every side of the story.
  2. Most importantly, if I don’t believe in it – I won’t write it. Yes, I get paid to write but I will not write something that goes against my ethics. If I think a product or a game sucks, I will not say it is good. If I think a person is doing something dodgy, I will present the facts.

And if I can’t write like this then I might as well go back to the office for a steady paycheck.

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