PC Mag Australia – Telstra Foundation Launches Code Club in Australian Primary Schools

Code Club AuAnnie Parker has a day job at the Telstra Foundation’s start-up incubator program muru-D where she was coming across an ongoing problem: there were not enough people coming out of school with coding skills. The only people who had such skills were those who had actively chosen formal technology training. And even then, Australians were vastly outnumbered by other countries.

How ridiculous – this was 2014. These skills were as fundamental as literacy and numeracy for getting by in the world. So Parker decided to launch a nation-wide program to get coding literacy into primary schools. 15 schools signed up upon her initial efforts, and within nine months she had secured over $500k in funding.

This week the Code Club Australia held its official launch at Australian Museum, Sydney.

Read More at PC Mag Australia.

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