I Love Children’s Books

Last night as I read my son his bedtime stories I realised how much more reading children’s authors’ work receives. I thought about how many times we had read my son’s favourite books, recited the stories off by heart and how many times we had discussed the works with other kids and parents. These authors’Continue reading “I Love Children’s Books”

Brisbane Writers Festival 2014 – and a revelation

As usual I had a great time at BWF. I love that every year I can come home with something new, be it knowledge on a new topic or style of writing; ideas on my current projects (or the beginnings of new ones); or an introduction to a new creative pathway, something I had neverContinue reading “Brisbane Writers Festival 2014 – and a revelation”

Let’s talk about the Bechdel Test

Here’s another rambling catalogue of my thoughts as I explore the workings of feminism. This time it is about the Bechdel Test, the famous measure by which books, movies, TV shows, and all variety of stories are tested against for gender bias. The criteria are quite simple: It has to have at least two womenContinue reading “Let’s talk about the Bechdel Test”