I don’t want to be an ambassador. I don’t want to explain to you how it feels to live like this, day in, day out. To have people look at me in confusion. To tell of the physical pain I go through nearly every day that pushes my brain into my skull, the pressure mounting... Continue Reading →

Daily Life: Having Another Child After Postnatal Depression

My memories of early motherhood are not nice. I had post natal depression and anxiety and that first year was the worst thing I have ever been through. None of these things is my son's fault. I was suffering from mental illness. I refused all outside help, not wanting to appear weak, and as a... Continue Reading →

Hooray for Science

I wouldn’t say I am an optimist. Rather than a pessimist, I believe I have a healthy case of ‘realism’. I am an analyst. I weigh up the possible outcomes of the situation, based on the resources at hand. Actually I’m pretty good at determining possible outcomes. Cue anxiety. But let’s get onto that later.... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of Humanity

In recent times the human race has shown itself to be a pretty dark bunch. I have actually stopped listening to the ABC radio news because in the last two months I have rarely heard a bulletin that isn’t entirely comprised of stories of people killing, attacking or torturing people – or governments and corporations... Continue Reading →

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