Working as a Freelance Writer – Part 1

I entered my career as a freelance writer under no illusions about the pay. I knew I wouldn’t be earning much at all and that the first year was more of a chance to build my portfolio, get my name out and make contacts, to practise writing and simply see how it all worked. I... Continue Reading →

Writers Group

I gathered up my courage and went to my first Writers Group at the State Library today. I’ve been meaning to go for a while now but honestly, I have always been too scared. I decided that after nine months of calling myself a writer and now having quite a few published articles under my... Continue Reading →

Realistic Parenting

This week a post appeared on my Facebook feed. It was yet another piece of advice on how to find happiness as a parent and (yet another) TED video at that. Let me explain. As a highly anxious person, I go through binges of seeking the answer to happiness through articles and videos all over... Continue Reading →

Specialisation Anxiety

In the last few months I have had some success writing for parenting publications. When I first embarked on my journalism career I was not yet a parent, but it was on the horizon, and writing while the kids were at home was certainly in my plan. Specialising in parenting however was not. Of course,... Continue Reading →

The Impossibility of Feminism

The youngest of four kids and only girl, I learned how to stand up for myself pretty quickly in life and most importantly – to jump in. I could keep up with my brothers, throw like a boy and argue my point home. My gender never came into the equation and while my parents never... Continue Reading →

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