Vale Stella Young and your no-bullshit inspiration

“I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much.” – Stella Young, TEDx Sydney, 2012 Actually Stella, you have inspired me. I know you would hate to read that. You gave me a kick up the butt and made me stop feeling sorry for myself. Not because you are disabled and have achieved incredible things. ButContinue reading “Vale Stella Young and your no-bullshit inspiration”

More information on Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration

If you were interested in my previous post about the Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration project, I have created a mini-site for some further information. Tentatively titled Aussie Journos this site will serve as an update for the project although you can also follow along with my progress here. I am looking to gather as muchContinue reading “More information on Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration”

PC Mag Australia: An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

You say you are “ending the crime of intergenerational theft.” I know you’re talking about the budget. But you ARE actually stealing from our past and future generations. Let me make it nice and simple for you Mr Prime Minister. Science advances our society. We discover things that improve our economy (like new products, orContinue reading “PC Mag Australia: An Open Letter to Tony Abbott”

Bringing together Australian Freelance Journalists

I have been thinking. I’ve been at this freelance journalism game for almost two years now, although I’ve really only found traction in the last six months or so (part time work will have that effect). Even with a decade of business and marketing experience, I have come up against many obstacles. I have mostlyContinue reading “Bringing together Australian Freelance Journalists”

Daily Life: Having Another Child After Postnatal Depression

My memories of early motherhood are not nice. I had post natal depression and anxiety and that first year was the worst thing I have ever been through. None of these things is my son’s fault. I was suffering from mental illness. I refused all outside help, not wanting to appear weak, and as aContinue reading “Daily Life: Having Another Child After Postnatal Depression”