Trial results months away for doc who treated himself with cancer drug

Not many medical researchers have more incentive than Dr Graham Kelly. While working to develop drugs that make cancer treatments work better, the 71-year-old developed prostate cancer himself. After exhausting all treatment options, Dr Kelly decided to take a chance on his own experimental drug – which had only ever worked in the laboratory. “I […]

Work Begins on The Knowledge Economy

The new year is here and so begins work on my new project. 2015 ended with many lessons on pain, illness and boundaries and with a self-inflicted work sabbatical. Though I’ve been itching to start on the new project for a number of months now, I have not had the clarity of mind to do […]

I don’t want to be an ambassador. I don’t want to explain to you how it feels to live like this, day in, day out. To have people look at me in confusion. To tell of the physical pain I go through nearly every day that pushes my brain into my skull, the pressure mounting […]

Editors are busy. Here’s how to get through to them.

I have read it many times before, and it really is true: editors are incredibly busy. In the times when print budgets are shrinking and web publishing means editors are expected to produce more measurable content, production teams regularly consist of one writer/editor, one design person (a graphic designer who can move effortlessly between print […]