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The short version
Sharon M. Smith writes freelance articles as a health, science and technology specialist. She writes for Stockhead as a science and technology columnist, and as a staff writer for HealthTimes. Sharon is the past editor of Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin, and other publishing credits include PC Mag, PC Tech & Authority, Hyper, Women’s Agenda and titles across the Fairfax lifestyle suite. Sharon lives with her husband and son in Brisbane.

The long version
Sharon M. Smith has fifteen years of writing and editing experience across healthcare, technology and government. As a news and feature journalist with experience in healthcare industry, and in consumer technology, she has a strong connection with the Australian digital health community. Sharon has written on topics such as trade agreements, international copyright law, science funding structures and the future of healthcare technologies.

Sharon says
These days I am published regularly on topics I am both interested and experienced in. One of my favourite areas is technology law because of the range (biotechnology patents, intellectual property and copyright, the ethics of privacy). I am also quite interested in the crossover of technology-aided healthcare (from bionic eyes to X-Boxes used in dementia care). However, every topic has a human element – and to me that is the most challenging, and most important, part of any story.

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