PC Mag Australia: An Open Letter to Tony Abbott

You say you are “ending the crime of intergenerational theft.” I know you’re talking about the budget. But you ARE actually stealing from our past and future generations. Let me make it nice and simple for you Mr Prime Minister. Science advances our society. We discover things that improve our economy (like new products, or […]

PC Mag Australia: Aussie Science Funding Hits New Low

It’s official – we are spending less on research and development as a country than ever before. Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt responded to the news by attacking the Government’s commitment to scientific funding. “Cuts to CSIRO, clean energy programs and tax concessions for R&D have contributed to this woeful result.” Perhaps the real issue […]

PC Mag Australia: Eucalyptus Trees Could Be Powering Your Next Flight

Bushfire season in Australia evokes powerful images of ferocious blazes destroying everything in sight. Australians have learned a lot about living with bushfires. They are incredibly hot, uncontrollable, dangerous – wouldn’t it be good if this knowledge could be used for gain? Now the very thing that causes the intensity in the summer bushfires is […]