Vale Stella Young and your no-bullshit inspiration

“I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much.” – Stella Young, TEDx Sydney, 2012 Actually Stella, you have inspired me. I know you would hate to read that. You gave me a kick up the butt and made me stop feeling sorry for myself. Not because you are disabled and have achieved incredible things. ButContinue reading “Vale Stella Young and your no-bullshit inspiration”

Women’s Agenda: Finding the Perfect Job when You’re Not Perfect

Women who are hunting for part time work to fit around their family schedule know the feeling all too well: there is no job out there that suits me. The job hunt is just that little bit more difficult when you’re not only working around your own needs, but the needs of others too. NowContinue reading “Women’s Agenda: Finding the Perfect Job when You’re Not Perfect”