PC Mag Australia – A Guide to the Trans Pacific Partnership

The Trans Pacific Partnership is the largest trade agreement in the Asia Pacific region to date. A highly complex agreement it has been in the works for over four years it may actually be close to signing off this year. It has received a bit of attention lately thanks to the fact that we don’tContinue reading “PC Mag Australia – A Guide to the Trans Pacific Partnership”

PC Mag Australia: I can see the future…and it’s in Melbourne

From the team that brought you The Bionic Ear comes The Bionic Eye – now in prototype in a Melbourne laboratory near you. A collaboration of Melbourne-based researchers, including those from the now-legendary cochlear ear implant team have been able to bring this tech to human trials through the Bionic Vision Australia project. It looksContinue reading “PC Mag Australia: I can see the future…and it’s in Melbourne”

PC Mag Australia: Eucalyptus Trees Could Be Powering Your Next Flight

Bushfire season in Australia evokes powerful images of ferocious blazes destroying everything in sight. Australians have learned a lot about living with bushfires. They are incredibly hot, uncontrollable, dangerous – wouldn’t it be good if this knowledge could be used for gain? Now the very thing that causes the intensity in the summer bushfires isContinue reading “PC Mag Australia: Eucalyptus Trees Could Be Powering Your Next Flight”

Essential Baby: Becoming Comfortable With My Discipline Style

For some reason I have concocted this idea that other parents – even my dear friends, who have been by my side through pregnancy, the newborn haze of sleep deprivation and colic, who have supported my struggle with postnatal depression and anxiety, and with whom we have celebrated our children’s first milestones – are nowContinue reading “Essential Baby: Becoming Comfortable With My Discipline Style”

PC & Tech Authority: Playing With Sound

Originally published in Hyper Magazine issue 249, June 2014. As the visual element in videogames has leapt ahead in recent years to match that of film and television, so too has the audio experience. It is an important element in videogames these days, with recent releases displaying complex and emotionally-charged soundtracks. Consumers and reviewers areContinue reading “PC & Tech Authority: Playing With Sound”