Sorry but the word Mansplain sucks

So Macquarie Dictionary’s 2014 word of the year is Mansplain: "verb (t) Colloquial (humorous) (of a man) to explain (something) to a woman, in a way that is patronising because it assumes that a woman will be ignorant of the subject matter. [MAN + (EX)PLAIN with s inserted to create a pronunciation link with explain."... Continue Reading →

Review: The Fictional Woman by Tara Moss

If you have ever heard Tara Moss speak you will know that she is smart, articulate and passionate. The same goes for her writing as crime novelist, blogger and journalist. The Fictional Woman is her first non-fiction book and it reflects all the things she is known for: thorough research, attention-grabbing human stories and a... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about the Bechdel Test

Here’s another rambling catalogue of my thoughts as I explore the workings of feminism. This time it is about the Bechdel Test, the famous measure by which books, movies, TV shows, and all variety of stories are tested against for gender bias. The criteria are quite simple: It has to have at least two women... Continue Reading →

The Impossibility of Feminism

The youngest of four kids and only girl, I learned how to stand up for myself pretty quickly in life and most importantly – to jump in. I could keep up with my brothers, throw like a boy and argue my point home. My gender never came into the equation and while my parents never... Continue Reading →

On Joss Whedon as a Feminist

Clem Bastow wrote a piece criticising Joss Whedon’s identity as a feminist. Disclaimer: I am a fan of Joss Whedon’s work. Simply by having Whedon’s name attached to it, a movie or TV show has now become 75% more attractive to me. Whedon claims that gender equality is a natural state and that the concept... Continue Reading →

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