More information on Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration

If you were interested in my previous post about the Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration project, I have created a mini-site for some further information. Tentatively titled Aussie Journos this site will serve as an update for the project although you can also follow along with my progress here. I am looking to gather as muchContinue reading “More information on Australian Freelance Journalists collaboration”

Working as a Freelance Writer – Part 2

(one day my home office will be a separate building in the backyard like this one) Freelancers in general have pretty flexible schedules. This was one of the key factors that attracted me to the career move, as the mother of a young child. Being able to move my schedule around according to the needsContinue reading “Working as a Freelance Writer – Part 2”

Specialisation Anxiety

In the last few months I have had some success writing for parenting publications. When I first embarked on my journalism career I was not yet a parent, but it was on the horizon, and writing while the kids were at home was certainly in my plan. Specialising in parenting however was not. Of course,Continue reading “Specialisation Anxiety”

The Pursuit of Happiness (for Introverts)

I recently watched Happy, the social documentary by Roko Belic. As the natural scientist that I am, I couldn’t help but focus on the statistics. It gathered various studies done on human happiness and wellbeing and posited the following: Our happiness is determined by (approx.) 50% Genetic Predisposition 40% What We Do 10% Our EnvironmentContinue reading “The Pursuit of Happiness (for Introverts)”