Sorry but the word Mansplain sucks

So Macquarie Dictionary’s 2014 word of the year is Mansplain: “verb (t) Colloquial (humorous) (of a man) to explain (something) to a woman, in a way that is patronising because it assumes that a woman will be ignorant of the subject matter. [MAN + (EX)PLAIN with s inserted to create a pronunciation link with explain.”Continue reading “Sorry but the word Mansplain sucks”

I Love Children’s Books

Last night as I read my son his bedtime stories I realised how much more reading children’s authors’ work receives. I thought about how many times we had read my son’s favourite books, recited the stories off by heart and how many times we had discussed the works with other kids and parents. These authors’Continue reading “I Love Children’s Books”

The Evolution of Language

I used to call myself a -cringe- ‘Grammar Nazi’. Political correctness aside, I was pretty passionate about the correct usage of the English language in both speech and writing. Perhaps it was because of my natural love for words that I happily accepted my mother’s corrections to my growing vocabulary rather than the normal reactionContinue reading “The Evolution of Language”