PC Mag Australia: Eucalyptus Trees Could Be Powering Your Next Flight

Bushfire season in Australia evokes powerful images of ferocious blazes destroying everything in sight. Australians have learned a lot about living with bushfires. They are incredibly hot, uncontrollable, dangerous – wouldn’t it be good if this knowledge could be used for gain? Now the very thing that causes the intensity in the summer bushfires is... Continue Reading →


I love the rain. Is there anything better than a rainy day? Icy winter rain, cold wind, gentle drizzle humming on the roof. Hot drinks, cozy beds, boots and stockings. The relief of a summer storm; torrential downpour, overflowing gutters, indistinguishable street lights. Deafening. Playing in puddles, sheltering with strangers, making the mad dash. Listening... Continue Reading →

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