Daily Life: Having Another Child After Postnatal Depression

My memories of early motherhood are not nice. I had post natal depression and anxiety and that first year was the worst thing I have ever been through. None of these things is my son's fault. I was suffering from mental illness. I refused all outside help, not wanting to appear weak, and as a... Continue Reading →

Essential Baby: Becoming Comfortable With My Discipline Style

For some reason I have concocted this idea that other parents – even my dear friends, who have been by my side through pregnancy, the newborn haze of sleep deprivation and colic, who have supported my struggle with postnatal depression and anxiety, and with whom we have celebrated our children’s first milestones – are now... Continue Reading →

Realistic Parenting

This week a post appeared on my Facebook feed. It was yet another piece of advice on how to find happiness as a parent and (yet another) TED video at that. Let me explain. As a highly anxious person, I go through binges of seeking the answer to happiness through articles and videos all over... Continue Reading →

Essential Baby: Life With Anxiety

Having anxiety isn’t a choice. For a while I resigned myself to it just being one of my characteristics, like my short stature and my freckles. But now I consider it to be something that I manage. To the outsider, sufferers of anxiety just look like worriers. We are taunted with well-meaning comments: “Look on... Continue Reading →

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