PC Mag Australia: Aussie STEM prize winners establish scholarship

Josh Caratelli and Liam McLachlan took out the top prize at the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge for their Unreal-based game Smog Game which earlier this week we said was worthy of playing with the big guys at PAX 2015. But it’s what these Year 12 students did next that got our attention. They donated […]

PC Mag Australia: Kids take on the pros at Australian STEM games challenge

This year PAX Australia played host to the awards ceremony for the first Inaugural Australian STEM Games Challenge, which attracted over 550 school-aged participants to create their own games that were “interactive, stimulating and meaningful.” These games were easily as good as some indies already on the market; and I don’t mean any disservice to […]

PC Mag Australia: It’s not just about the money: Australia is failing science

The government keeps talking about the ‘knowledge economy’ but they are driving the brains out of the economy. Some are leaving the country. Some are giving up science all together. But why? The simple answer is, people just don’t care about science. Probably because they don’t understand it. And these are the people making the […]

PC Mag Australia – Aussie Health Hackers Solving STEM Shortage

Problem, meet solution. If the government won’t give us the funding we need then we will find our own help, the researchers say. HealthHack is an initiative of The Open Knowledge Foundation, which also runs the nation-wide GovHack. It is a community of people with all kinds of skills and knowledge who are passionate about […]

PC Mag Australia: Aussie Science Funding Hits New Low

It’s official – we are spending less on research and development as a country than ever before. Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt responded to the news by attacking the Government’s commitment to scientific funding. “Cuts to CSIRO, clean energy programs and tax concessions for R&D have contributed to this woeful result.” Perhaps the real issue […]