Working as a Freelance Writer – Part 2

(one day my home office will be a separate building in the backyard like this one) Freelancers in general have pretty flexible schedules. This was one of the key factors that attracted me to the career move, as the mother of a young child. Being able to move my schedule around according to the needsContinue reading “Working as a Freelance Writer – Part 2”

Writing with a Baby

Before I became a mother I had plans of spending my son’s early days getting plenty of writing done. Let me just say it didn’t happen. I scoured the internet for tips on how to write with a baby in the house but it felt like these people didn’t actually know what it was likeContinue reading “Writing with a Baby”

Making the Time to Write

Making the time to write can be difficult when you become a parent. I clearly remember having visions of being able to type while my baby slept and scribble in my notebook with one hand whilst breastfeeding with the other. Oh the ignorance of pregnancy. In reality, I had a baby that didn’t sleep moreContinue reading “Making the Time to Write”