Health + Medical Writing

Medical – Biotechnology
Biotechs face stronger regulation of stem cell treatment
Opthea eyes new treatments for macular degeneration
This biotech wants to treat anxious pets with medical cannabis
Why doctors use WhatsApp to share patient data
Can Rhinomed help the world get a good night’s sleep?

Trial results months away for doc who treated himself with cancer drug

Medical & Healthcare
Defining the role of the nurse care coordinator
Re-examining disordered videogame use
Learning paediatric dietetics guidelines for everyday practice

Whole-of-hospital occupancy management through the ED
Explainer: Myriad Genetics and BRCA-1 patent ruling
A world view on patient-centred healthcare design
Hacking for better health
Technology in health: fear, resistance and risks
Looking Towards the Future of Healthcare
An opportunity for private health insurance
Debating homeopathy
Young people in aged care

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